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St. John’s Episcopal Church – a church on this island that is only open in the summer – but as our mission statement says, is committed to hospitality and outreach throughout all the seasons.  In fact, St. John’s one of the largest charitable organizations on the island, manages multiple vehicles of outreach to support the community.  These include the Sanger Fund, our support of visiting speakers and artists, the maintenance of the Island Cemeteries, opportunities to provide affordable housing, the partnership with Union Chapel to support the Islanders for Islanders initiative, and most significantly, through the Fisher's Island Scholarship Fund administered by St. John's Church.


St. John's largest community initiative is this incredible scholarship program.  Since 1983, we have contributed to and managed these Community Scholarships – they were a signature part of our Capital Campaign in 2006.  People from the church and the island community contributed generously.  The result is a truly remarkable scholarship program providing assistance for up to six years of higher education – scholarships for every Fishers Island student graduating high school including scholarships for magnet students from off-island, and scholarships for Fisher Island residents attending high school on the mainland.  Island School graduates receive scholarship for four years of collegiate study and up to two years of graduate study.  There are few scholarships that will make that type of long term commitment. 


This is St. John’s most significant outreach.  We stand behind our commitment to the youth of the island, and each year, whether the draw from this fund covers the scholarship or not, the vestry of our Church steps forward to cover the difference so that we fulfill this promise and hope for the future.  Through our outreach, St. John’s cares for the people who were here, who are here, and who will be here in the future.  God’s time includes the past, the present, and the future, and our hope and our prayer is to honor and cherish and love the things that exist in God’s time the best we can.  These scholarships are one way of doing that.  They represent the commitment of the entire island and go beyond St. John’s Church.  


Islanders for Islanders is a community-based initiative spearheaded by St. John's Church and Union Chapel. The mission of Islanders for Islanders is to provide physical and monetary resources for the year-round community in the form of utility assistance and food and hygiene products. Islanders for Islanders is in its fifth year of serving the Fishers Island Community. If you would like to donate nonperishable food of hygiene products, please feel free to leave them at either St. John's Church or the Union Chapel. For more information on making a monetary contribution, click here


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