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The Fishers Island Scholarship Foundation administered by St. John's Church offers scholarships to year-round residents and graduates of the Fishers Island School. For more information on elligibility and applications see below.

Scholariship at a Glance

Scholarship Elligibilty and Information

Upon graduation from the Fishers Island School, each student is entitled to a scholarship given by the St Johns/Fishers Island Community Scholarship. The awards are based on Residential or Magnate status. Fishers Island residents receive awards of $4000 annually. Magnate students receive $2000 annually. The scholarships are applied for annually via an online application posted on the St. John's FI website.  Students are eligible for a period of FOUR years undergraduate education and TWO years of postgraduate study. Semesters do not need to be successive. 

Please click the link below for the application:

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